Nov 30 2011

Tim Holtz 12 Tags…. almost here!!!!

We’ve waited for 11 months and it’s finally here!
Tim’s 12 Tags begins at midnight tonight!  We are extremely overjoyed and inspired and we want you to join in the festivities, not like you weren’t planning on it already!!!  😉


This season we want to present a little more incentive for participating in Tim’s 12 Tags.  We recognize that’s Tim’s talent INSPIRES you to craft such gorgeous creations.  We want to see
your handiwork:

Play Along:

  • Daily, we will post on our blog tim’s finished tag along with a link to his blog for his step-by-step instructions.  Use these beautiful tags as inspiration and create your own version of the tag and share it with us.  This will be your entry in our Daily Prize Drawing.
    • A $20 gift certificate will be given to the artist whose tag was randomly selected for that day number (example;  $20 GC will be given for Day #1, $20 GC will be given for Day #2, $20 GC will be given for Day #3… etc)
    • You will have until December 31st to submit any and all tags to enter in the drawing.
  • If you participate in all 12 days of 12 Tags, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card!  So there are many chances to win!

Remember, you have until December 31 to get your tags submitted!

In addition to our participation prize drawings, Inspiration Emporium would also like to offer:

  • 12 FREE #8 manila tags for any order over $25.
  • For every $25 on your order, receive a raffle ticket for various prizes for our “New Year’s Party”!  Raffle will begin on January 1st.  This will be great timing, because CHA is just around the corner!

Thank you family… Have fun, be creative, be loved, and be INSPIRED…

-Jay and the Inspiration Family-

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