Dec 10 2012

Spreading the Joy

We won’t scare you by telling you how many days till Christmas…just keep up that spreading of the J.O.Y. and, you’ll make it through okay!!!

When we dedicated this Month’s Challenge to our own Joy, we intended to celebrate this incredible time of year…when so many decorations are full of sparkle and shine their best to warm your hearts…that’s just what our Joy does too.  That smile of hers is enough to remind you that you are genuinely appreciated…each and every one of you, now and all through the year!

So, let’s continue the inspiration, shall we?

Up first, none other than our resident awe inspirer…Jim Hankins.  Go ahead, pick your jaw up off the floor…we’ll wait.  Seriously.  Please head over to his blog…he shares some of the details to making this unbelievably joyful jet setter!

Next, Shelly Hickox shares this joyful card…so many beautiful layers of techniques. Shelly has such a magical way of bringing elements together…always breathtaking!

Beate Johns snuck her JOY in with this perfect tree…she shows us how on her blog.  We love when a Pinterest inspired project comes to life!!!

ADORABLE!!!!! Kelly Booth found the perfect way to add JOY to her project with her grandchildren…we really love how all the little details come together and make the little photos pop!!

Thank you for stopping in and letting us share our JOY with you!

Head over to this post to play far, we are absolutely blown away by your submitted projects!!!!

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