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Nov 28 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from Inspiration Emporium


Hello Inspiration Family…

Too often in our daily lives, we get caught up in our wants and don’t haves.  We get enveloped in the constant struggle to acquire things that are bigger and better.  Sometimes it’s just so nice to take a step back and give thanks for our over-abundance of blessings!

I’m thankful each and every day for the gift of life.  For getting the opportunity to wake up every morning and “trudge” to work, when so many in this great country are jobless.  I’m grateful every day for the “little” meals I partake of, when so many kids in this world are starving. And at night, when I’m exhausted and drained, I’m so thankful that I have a pillow to lay my head upon and a roof over me, when so many are lost and homeless.

I’m forever thankful for our loving family and our incredible friends who are always there for us.  We often go through every day, and we fail to realize that the smiles that we have on our faces are because of those special people with us.  We often take them for granted and we don’t think twice that they’re there.  Take a few precious moments, reflect, and give thanks that we have these amazing relationships.


This Thursday, as many of us gather with one another and partake of another satisfying and scrumptious meal, let’s not forget to take a moment to reflect and be appreciative of our countless blessings.  I know we won’t.  And I want to let you all know, our Inspiration Family, that we are so thankful and grateful for you.  We are so blessed to have you.  We are so fortunate to have you in our lives…


This week, as the holiday shopping picks up into full swing with Black Friday, we wanted to give our Family a chance to procure those artistic materials that you may need for this season.  Please enter “thankful” during checkout for 20% off you entire purchase.  This sale will end  Sunday.  Please e-mail us at for any items that may be out of stock.  We will notify you when the item returns and honor the discount.

Nov 19 2013

Pin it to Win it Winners!

Thank you all for playing along with our Pin it to Win it game…we loved seeing what inspires you from our Inspiration Team!

Congratulations Amy and SammyD you are the random winners of the new Tim Holtz Layering Stencils!!! Please send your information to info@inspirationemporium so we can send you out your prize!

And, how about a little inspiration using the new layering stencils?


How cool is this page by Lisa Hoel? We love the way she used the layering stencils.  Using gesso, sprays, paints and ink to add color and texture!

Image 1

Pam Hooten wows us with another great journal layout…breathtaking texture, color…and incredible message.  Pam used paints, inks, gesso and embossing paste…layering stencils just make it so easy to add amazing detail to your projects!

Thank you for playing along…we hope you found some inspiration while you pinned and find some time during this busy time of year to be creative!

Nov 15 2013

Happy 11/17 from Inspiration Emporium

Hello Inspiration Family…

There are certain milestones in your life when… you just feel overly mature!

November 17 marks that day for our Inspiration family.  Our very own Anthoni Arevalo turns the completely ADULT age of 21!  Jay’s son, Joy’s nephew, mama and papa’s grandson can officially partake of alcoholic beverages and other grown-up debauchery (not that he would).  Where did the time go..???  While being a full time student at Cal State Fullerton (Go Titans), he also serves as the head of our shipping department.  Majoring in Biology, he hopes to one day put those studies towards a field in medicine. So glad he got the brains from someone else in the

On that special day of November 17- our very own Krystl “Pop” also turns the page on another year of life.  Yes, it is her birthday as well!  Pop serves as the Emporium’s Operations Manager and is a dedicated child care provider to our awesome nephews as well.  Pop does some heavy commuting on a weekly basis, but fortunately for the Emporium, just like her dad, she doesn’t mind the driving.

Again, on that special day of November 17- Pop’s grandfather, (as well as) Jay and Joy’s grandfather, mama’s father, and Anthoni’s great grandfather also celebrates another wonderful year of existence!  Tatay (meaning father in our native Tagalog) is still a wonderful tailor at this prime age. He keeps busy by making suits and clothes for so many of our wonderful people.  Tatay also served as tennis coach to many of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Not to leave out our other cousin in the Philippines – Thirdy Malit.  His birthday also falls on this extraordinary day!  Amazing isn’t it??

So, this BIRTHDAY weekend, we want to give YOU, our Inspiration Family, a present.  21% off your entire purchase until Monday, November 18 using the code 1117!  So please shop, fill your carts and get ready for the holidays.  Start your Christmas shopping early, or just grab some items that you’ve been meaning to get.  Because thanks to November 17, the
birthday present is yours!


We want to thank all of you for reaching out to us to see if we have any relatives or loved ones that may have been affected by the recent devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.  Fortunately, our
family is located far enough from the major damage. So all are safe, sound, and accounted for.  But thank you for checking,we appreciate the love.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those in our homeland… we have a lot of rebuilding to do.

Nov 12 2013

Pin It to Win It!

Did you know that the Inspiration Emporium design team LOVES to Pin? Our Pinterest board is brimming with awesome projects, curated by our talented team, and you’ll always fine plenty of cool ideas to get your creative wheels turning.

Since we just got our hands on the two BRAND NEW Tim Holtz stencils– the holiday-perfect Holly Bough and ultra-versatile Harlequin– we thought it would be fun to celebrate our love of Pinterest with a giveaway! This is super easy– all you need is your own Pinterest account. To be eligible to win, simply peruse this blog and find a project you particularly love from any of our tutorials or monthly challenges. Pin it to your Pinterest account, then return to THIS POST and leave a comment that includes the link for your Pin. See? Easy peasy. We’ll choose one winner for each of the two new stencils, and the names will be announced on our blog and Facebook page Monday, November 18.

  holly  Harlequin