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Apr 21 2014

The Finish Line Is in Sight

Happy Monday everyone and I hope you all had a great family-filled holiday weekend.  We are on the last leg of our Easter Hunt and would like to thank everyone who participated.  It was amazing to see how so many people came together in such a short period of time to create this fun journey.  A huge thank you to each of YOU!  Make sure if you are just joining us and want to get in on the fun you visit HERE to get started, its not too late to get in on the winning.

I have to admit that in all the craziness of yesterday I made a boo-boo.  I am sure those that are playing along are scratching your heads a wee bit with your letters. Well, that could be because of me! In all the hub-bub of the holiday I posted this as your first letter for the day yesterday…


This is where the confusion may have entered stage right.  I am not sure what I was thinking but that definitely was NOT correct.  It wasn’t some trickery or foolery, it was complete human error! What is the correct letter you ask???  It just so happens to be…



Now that we have that blunder fixed up lets move with the Easter Hunt.  I hope you are all leaving your mark when visiting the sites you are visiting.  We all love seeing that someone was there with their comments, likes, shares and follows so I encourage you take some time to do so.  Our first letter for the day will be (and it really is)…






If you are someone that hates when people ruin the end of a show or movie by telling the ending, you will want to head NOW to visit Pam Hooten on her Instagram  at 



 (elevator music inserted here)




So, you have made your rounds and gathered your letters and surprise…you have been brought back to us for your final letter.  (No, no, no if you are reading this hoping that the answer was going to be given and you could take a short cut, its not happening ;))  Hopefully you all had a little fun with this and got to visit some really great sites that I hope you will continue to visit.   Our final letter in this Easter Hunt is…



because we R glad you joined in our Easter hunt.

Now that you have all of your letters, it is time to email them to us at  All submissions before midnight Wednesday night will be entered in to win seats in the wonderful Watercolor for Cardmakers class offered HERE.  Make sure you check back on Thursday when we announce the winners.  H

Nov 9 2011

November Classes

We are so excited to be holding our first classes at the Inspiration Emporium Warehouse!!!!

 Eclectic Charm Necklace Workshop

by Sherry Goodloe

Saturday, November 19th from 1:00pm-4:30pm, $60

For more details and to sign up, go here…hurry, class is filling up quickly!!!

Joyful Configurations

by Chelle Fowler

Sunday, November 20th from 1:00pm-4:30pm, $45

For details and to sign up go here. Space is limited on this one too!

Classes in the Emporium means shopping!!! Students will be able to purchase items in the store the day of class!  Look for more classes soon!